Love Letters From The Front

Proud to announce that, ‘LOVE LETTERS FROM THE FRONT’ (p.s. I love You) – is now on the road and on the move! On Sunday, February 11th – the grand premiere will be held at, The C Note in Hull, MA. Thanks to the wonderful team of James Quinlivan & Lauribeth Quinlivan, of ‘Mustard-Seed Promotions’ the show has been now expanded to a full 2 hours to encompass not just WWII, but Korea/Vietnam, Desert Storm/Gulf War conflicts. This show was conceived as a tribute in honor of those men & women who fought and died in order to protect our freedoms. Excerpts of letters from home and abroad are read in keeping with singing the music from those eras. Aside from myself, our cast consists of the wonderful Wendee Glick, Lauribeth Quinlivan, Tony Rocks, Ron Caggiano, Bob Anderson and James Quinlivan on narration.

More shows have already been booked throughout the year, and you can check out those dates on our Facebook page, or by going to my own site at; and click on ‘Events’.

Show begins at: 4:00p. Reservations are highly recommended. Please call: 781-925-4300 or use this link to order tickets;

Upcoming Shows and Tickets

To All Of Our Veterans & Active Duty Personnel: ‘We Salute You’!